Change is rapid, unrelenting and quite often, unpredictable.  Whether you are working in a corporate setting or in career transition, Robertson Lowstuter can help you master your environment with a wide range of programs and customized services.

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                                                 In a Corporate Setting

: Ensure newly hired or promoted executives are ready and wired for success in their new role.  

Executive Coaching: Enable executives to operate with broader perspectives and more effective behaviors, including understanding the accelerants and inhibitors to their success.

Meeting Facilitation: Align your team and your strategy with R/L facilitated meetings to enable more productive planning, strategy development, and business events.

High Performance Team Building: Transform a ‘group of people’ into a highly motivated team that is well aligned with your corporate strategy.

Breakthroughs!  for Personal Transformation™: Practical ways for executives, or a specific team, to operate more effectively and powerfully in their corporate roles.

Top Gun Presentation Coaching™: Create a lasting audience impression, from the Boardroom to the shop floor, with a high impact presentation style.

Leadership Mastery: Become an effective leader operating with conscious purpose, clarity, and intention. Includes The Art of: Leading Change, Interaction, and Applied Innovation.

Coaching Competencies for Leaders
™: Extend your leaders’ effectiveness throughout your organization with practical, easy-to-implement coaching methods and tools.

Build Your Leadership Brand: Enables executives to review their personal ‘brand’ and how to expand their image in a positive, powerful way.  

Emotional Intelligence:  Understand your Emotional Quotient (EQ) and expand your  communication style and effectiveness across the organization.

                                                 In Career Transition

Executive Career Transition: Customized strategies and proven approaches to help you achieve the right career opportunity for you.  

Key elements include:

  • Career or industry change
  • Alternative career options (entrepreneuring, private equity, etc)
  • Credential updating
  • Campaign development
  • Spouse/partner support
  • Offer negotiations (corporate packages, employment agreement and equity options).
  • Onboarding support in new role