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35 Truths Book


As an early pioneer on the front lines of Executive and Career Transition Coaching, Clyde Lowstuter and his team at Robertson Lowstuter have transformed the lives and careers of tens of thousands of clients globally.  Equipping clients with proven, commonsense strategies, 35 Truths: Lessons from the Front Lines of Executive Coaching enables individuals like yourself to accelerate personal success. 

This 78-page hardcover book has been described as an elegant coffee table book that will enrich your relationships and accelerate your career!  35 Truths is a thought-provoking and life-changing blueprint for positive growth and authentic living.  
Paired with inspirational images, each truth will challenge the reader toward greater self-awareness through coaching tips and penetrating questions.  For instance, Truth #1 is "Create Uncommon Results!"®  Clyde coined this trademark phrase in 1985 as R|L's overarching mantra.  At R|L, we're not satisfied with "business as usual."  This phrase is reflective of our mindset and commitment to our clients, to partner wiht them as they discover extraordinarily effective ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  We're 100% focused on empowering our clients to unlock their passion, confidence, courageousness, and capabilities.  As coaches, we equip people to be in touch with their best selves.  To achieve that, we dig deep.  We love to see clients achieve things beyond what they thought was possible.  This truth reiterates our mission to be unrelenting advocates to those whom we are privileged to coach. 

As you pick up 35 Truths, we invite you to pour yourself a cup and engage in self-reflection toward creating more meaningful relationships.  Ask yourself:

  • How can you "Create Uncommon Results!"® in your personal life?  In your workplace?
  • If you fully released your capabilities and passion, what could you accomplish?
  • How might you differentiate yourself and directly contribute to the growth and profitability of your organization?

Continually ask yourself, as Clyde does, “What’s another perspective?”




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Search of the Perfect Job Book Cover

In Search of the Perfect Job
gives you the edge you need to land a job that matches your senior-level experience and status.

Fully revised and updated, it will prepare you for the next step in your professional life-whether you're making a career move, or want to take charge of your career so that you won't be blindsided by a corporate downsizing.

Clyde Lowstuter provides pragmatic career coaching that gets you ready to tackle the nuances of executive job changing, and explore the many career options open to you. Thought- provoking worksheets and examples will keep you informed, focused, and motivated as you pursue your goal.

In Search of the Perfect Job enables you to:

  • Develop a fool-proof career transition strategy with proven tactics
  • Identify roadblocks & accelerants that impact your ability to land the perfect C-suite job
  • Prepare for interviews by answering more than 225 of the toughest interview questions (sample answers included) from search recruiters and employees
  • Master sound bites that create a commanding impression in 15 seconds
  • Confidently and effectively network with others
  • Negotiate the comprehensive compensation package you deserve

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Network Your Way Book Cover


Want to realize the full potential of your LinkedIn, Plaxo or Tagged on-line networks?  Master the technique of networking...face-to-face. 

Network Your Way to Your Next Job…FAST will challenge you to reexamine your fundamental approach and beliefs about networking while equipping you with the tools to uncover valuable opportunities and job leads with startling power and effectiveness.

You will learn how to:

  • Overcome your fears and eliminate self-limiting beliefs
  • Make executive assistants your allies
  • Avoid the pitfalls of the 16 Myths of Networking
  • Present yourself with clarity and conviction
  • Gain access to ‘hidden’ career opportunities known only to company insiders
  • Add value to every contact—have people welcome your calls

Master networking and create the results you want in your career search while accelerating the contributions and impact you have made in your organization.

Learn from Clyde Lowstuter how to positively direct your beliefs, emotions, and energy to take charge of your life and career.



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