Onboarding Action Plan

The following Onboarding Action  Plan Tool Kit  may  be  downloaded  onto your computer free of charge. Utilize it to enhance your integration into a new company and to accelerate your contribution in the first 30, 60, or 90 days. Ask yourself: “What is truly needed and wanted in this role, in this company, and in my new relationships?” 

Complete the worksheet to the best of your ability. When finished, share your insights with a person who knows you well, as well as your new boss, to calibrate your plan and legitimize this endeavor. This worksheet will enable you to get focused, get moving, and achieve your goals!

Make sure that you save your work before you close out of the file and program. The Tool Kit is designed to be printable on legal size paper.

This material corresponds to the McGraw-Hill 2007 edition of In Search of the Perfect Job: 8 Steps to the $250,000+ Executive Job That’s Right for You by Clyde C. Lowstuter. While this material may be downloaded onto your computer free of charge, utilizing it in conjunction with the book will be most beneficial to you. 

Download Action Plan (45.5Kb)