High Performance Team Building Testimonials

“Our department  is  comprised  of  three   teams   who  constantly  manage multiple projects with many key players. With so many projects going at once, we found ourselves working in silos and not communicating effectively with our teammates. We needed someone to get us to stop, take a breath, reconvene as a team, and appreciate the strengths that we all bring to the table.
During an R│L High Performance Team Building retreat, we learned first-hand the benefits of collaboration, fully trusting our teammates for open and honest communication. We were quickly able to re-ignite our passion for the company, identify our common purpose, and strengthen our trust in each other. Your retreat brought our team back onto the same page and, most importantly, brought the fun back into our jobs.” 
Karen Ehlers
VP Public Affairs & Communications
U.S. Cellular

“StudioNorth reached out to R│L to help generate a more cohesive Senior Leadership Team (SLT). As we integrated new and diverse members into our SLT, I recognized defensiveness rising and trust falling with my current long term executives. I rely heavily on our SLT to drive the future of my organization, and if we are not operating as a healthy team with core character values intact, we are sure to spiral into the statistic pool of many other failed companies.

After reviewing my challenge with R│L, they developed a road map that outlined how we could achieve my initial request, as well as have the team ‘breakthrough’ to much higher performance levels than the team has ever achieved.

Next, the R│L coaches interviewed and surveyed each SLT member and identified the ‘strengths’ and the ‘gaps’ of the team. With that baseline information, R│L developed a High Performance Team Building retreat. From the moment our team first met, until the last minute of the retreat, our team was completely engaged and transformed. We listened, interacted, played, shared, and learned more than I could have ever imagined possible for our team. Our team built deep relational capital with each other, and the defensive walls completely faded away!

The result of the High Performance Retreat clearly exceeded our initial expectations! Not only are we now operating as just that, we are now an ‘Uber-High Performance Team.’ We experienced an immediate unprecedented annual growth in our Business, to the tune of 20%!”
Mark M. Mohr
StudioNorth, Inc.
"My first exposure to the R│L High Performance Team Building program came as a participating team member. Our president had engaged R│L to improve the performance of our senior management team. Through a series of guided exercises the process confirmed, disclosed, and framed our organizational blockages. We were able to achieve and sustain a high level of sales and earnings growth from our enhanced management structure through our collective ability to more fluidly drive organizational change and team collaboration.

The experience was personally life-changing. The cogent validation of authentic behavior in the workplace illuminated the need for a more authentic lifestyle in all dimensions of my personal and professional life. Those first exercises were experienced many years ago, yet they remain fresh in my mind and continue to shape my daily behaviors.

Later I led my own staff through the R│L high performance team building program with equally dramatic results. The program enabled us to find and maintain a strong double-digit sales and earnings growth rate in a difficult market environment through a new-found facility to drive change. Though we have all moved on to other career challenges, whenever we reconnect, the R│L experience holds a prominent place in our nostalgic reflection of our time working together and the accomplishments we realized.

I am again working with R│L to bring their high power team building to my current team, and I will continue to utilize this program throughout my career. I'd be delighted to connect personally with anyone investigating this process and share the many dimensions of organizational and financial improvement I have personally experienced."

Dave Dallam
EVP, Global Sales and Marketing
Synergetics, Inc.
“I couldn’t believe the incredible positive impact that R│L had on my executive team.  Their leadership awareness and effectiveness blossomed literally before my eyes. You taught us how to coach, challenge, and hold each other and our own teams accountable as partners, not as adversaries. We learned to stretch ourselves, to be courageous, and to operate without guilt or fear. What a liberating experience! I’m pleased to report that all of us are contributing at even greater levels.”                                       
President and COO
National High-Tech Consumer Products Company