Corporate Testimonials

“In   our   fast-paced,   commodity-prone    business   environment   today, Robertson Lowstuter is unique. They truly care and always deliver with excellent results.

Whether they are providing executive coaching or assisting transitioning professionals, everyone involved comes away from the experience enriched. They continue to make my job easier.”  
Sharon Buchanan
Vice President, Global Human Resources

“Nearing the successful end of one career, I recognized the desire to stay engaged and begin a totally new adventure. Without equivocation I knew my next venture would be independent of any ‘big company, corporate’ participation. Executive counseling via Robertson Lowstuter was my chosen option to figure out whether intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial was right for me. I realized that every executive eventually needs career guidance.

R│L is filled with far more than Executive Development Coaches; in my opinion they are invaluable mentors for my life’s journey. I remain indebted to them and the entire Robertson Lowstuter staff for transitioning me through an important and critical part of my professional development.  

This is truly the best, most exciting time in my career…not just because of professional success, but R│L helped me realize a professional life can take so many positive trajectories. Not a day passes without an opportunity to share their insight, philosophy and unique spin on what it means to be truly successful in life.”
Clyde Spencer
Chief Executive Officer

“I have been a client of R│L for a number of years – in a number of iterations.  I first came to know R│L when I was in transition after leaving my company. The team at R│L provided top-notch, personalized coaching and provided me with numerous resources and contacts that enabled me to land a bigger job. I then contracted with R│L to provide support to the employees in my company during a massive reorganization. R│L juggled changing priorities and challenging personalities, all the while treating our employees with dignity and respect. My current company now uses the R│L team to provide executive outplacement and coaching to our employees. We have seen fantastic results.

I trust R│L to be there when an issue arises and I can count on them to give me solid, practical advice for any situation. People who work with R│L are treated as individuals and they get personalized service – not like the larger, process-driven firms in the industry. As a bonus, they are just great people to work with!”
Collette Taylor  
Senior VP HR
Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Meeting and working with R│L was not a ‘game-changing’ event for me; it was a ‘life-changing’ event of enormous proportions. After receiving my MBA in 1974, I spent the first 17 years of my career in executive management positions in publicly traded Fortune 500 healthcare companies.

In 1991, while I was working with R│L on my next corporate career opportunity, my coach helped me realize that I had an entrepreneurial passion that wasn’t being met in corporate America. More importantly, my R│L coach helped me refocus my search to private companies with entrepreneurial opportunities.

Utilizing the many professional search services provided by Robertson Lowstuter, I found a small, privately-held medical device manufacturer who wanted to rapidly increase the size of the firm and then sell it. R│L helped me structure a compensation package that gave me an increasingly larger percentage of the firm’s equity that would be based on the size of the final sale price of the business. Seven years later we sold the business and I was able to retire before reaching age 50.

A year into my early retirement, I became restless and started to look for something to do. I sat down with R│L to discuss my ‘post-retirement’ challenges and he helped me focus on my need to own and run my own business. With R│L’s encouragement and input, I created and launched my own privately-held medical device company. Today, America’s MedSource, Inc. specializes in designing, developing, patenting, and licensing innovative new medical device products and technologies to some of the same major healthcare companies that I worked for before I met R│L. Meeting and working with the R│L team was indeed a ‘life-changing’ event for me.”
Jim Schneiter

America’s MedSource, Inc

“The Robertson Lowstuter team provides its clients with the expertise, insights, and networking support that is truly second-to-none in the world of executive transition and executive development. Those of us in Human Resources know there is no one more connected to the world of HR opportunities than R│L. The thoroughness, professionalism, and sensitivity shown clients by the entire R│L team, combine to create the ideal environment for executives to chart a course for their ongoing professional and personal development. The R│L team makes the process rigorous, highly creative, and fun! ”

Human Resources / OD Consulting

“I’m  always  impressed  with the sense  of  community  I  get when  I attend R | L events. From clients to customers to staff, everyone is so warm, friendly and helpful that I feel as if I’m among old friends, not at a business event.  This is a true testament to the great business you’ve built and the fierce loyalty and respect you’ve earned from the people who work for, with, and around you.  I’ve never been around an organization that is so universally respected and admired.  

While your coaching and outplacement models are exemplary, I think many business leaders and owners could learn a lot from you about building a strong “culture” of camaraderie and community around the business, not just within it. Being a friend to the firm feels like being part of an exclusive club, and I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you and your team have given me, and others in the HR community, over the years.”

Jeff Rotman
Human Resource Leader