Executive Search Testimonials

“Having  known the team at R│L for decades,  I  consider Robertson Lowstuter to be not only a truly professional firm, but also an excellent search resource. R│L Consultants provide wise and candid advice to clients, help them focus on their objectives, strengths, and challenges, and prepare them effectively for interviews. They also maintain regular contact with clients, offering an ongoing network of high quality executives. Particularly impressive is the firm’s responsiveness in suggesting on-target search prospects and sources, and they always know and are willing to share current intelligence with the business community. ”
Jack Clarey
Clarey Andrews & Klein, Inc.

“Over the past 10 years, my work in executive search has given me access to significant corporate client relationships. Those relationships are steeped not only in my own experience and the capability of our firm, but also in the quality of executive candidates I introduce to help our client partners solve their most critical leadership challenges.

On many occasions, I've had the privilege of introducing exceptionally credentialed business leaders whom I came to know through my interactions with R│L. These individuals stand out because they are so well-packaged, poised, and truly prepared to interact meaningfully and at a strategic level with our clients. The value that R│L brings to the process is significant. It assures me that the time I spend with the executives they refer will be time well spent, and I continue to find that the caliber of these leaders makes them highly presentable. I consider R│L to be a true business partner and look forward to maintaining this rewarding relationship.”
John D. Nimesheim
Executive Vice President
Slayton Search Partners

“Due to a potential concern for the intrinsic bias of an executive coaching, career transition, or outplacement firm for the professionals it refers, and the subsequent potential to taint an executive search firm’s recommendations of those candidates sourced from such a referral, my firm has made it a practice to highly scrutinize those referrals. In the five years that I have had the opportunity to work with one of the senior staff at Robertson Lowstuter, and meet a number of her referrals, I have consistently been impressed with her understanding of the individual and the even-handed manner in which she represents her referrals.
The candidates she has referred have a greater understanding of themselves and honesty about their talents and limitations, and an integrity that matches what I believe to be the high standards to which Robertson Lowstuter holds itself. When I have contacted R│L to ask for further insight into any given individual, she strives to provide an accurate assessment. It is precisely for this reason that Robertson Lowstuter is the only firm of its kind with whom Daubenspeck and Associates will work.”
Kenneth Daubenspeck
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Daubenspeck and Associates, Ltd.

“I was introduced to R│L several years ago and remember being impressed with their customer loyalty. Here was a firm that had a very faithful following of former clients who greatly valued their relationship with R│L and made the effort to stay connected.

R│L’s value to me has increased over time in a variety of ways: increased networking in the Chicago community; excellent source of information about potential candidates, either in transition or through their alumni network; an opportunity to meet HR execs in transition and listen to their needs, helping them understand how to work with executive search firms; attending workshops that expand professional development; and a potential source of new business opportunities.
I always look forward to the networking events at R│L and, over the years, have developed a very solid working relationship with the team at R│L.”
Edward Santimauro
Senior Client Partner
Korn/Ferry International

“R│L has served as an invaluable monitor for the pulse of the Chicago market and beyond. We depend on their insights, highly leverageable network, and read on talent to remain informed on market conditions and talent movement. R│L's efforts help to identify talent possibilities and market opportunities. I view R│L as a key partner in the Chicago marketplace.”
Jason Hanold
Managing Director, Corporate Officers Sector
Russell Reynolds Associates