Executive Transition Testimonials

“R│L was highly recommended to me by a colleague who worked with him during his transition.  We connected right from the start and my R│L coach exceeded my expectations in every phase of my job search.  His coaching style is a true partnership and seamless idea exchange in finding the best strategies to move my career forward.

My coach was masterful in the early phase of our relationship in emphasizing my strengths as well as my opportunities to improve and develop a comprehensive plan for networking, communications, and go-to-market strategies.  Together, we evaluated numerous career options and I always knew he had my best interests in mind.

He was persistent in developing my brand and making sure it is was communicated properly through the resume, cover letters, verbal resume, elevator speech, etc.  I was impressed with his availability and real-time support whenever needed, whether during regular working hours, evenings, or weekends.  I would highly recommend the R│L Executive Coaching Team to any executive who wants to enhance her or his career.”
Nikola Vajda
CEO, Private equity backed company

"I owe big thanks to Robertson Lowstuter for their help in a very successful career transition.  From the beginning, R│L has been a terrific organization to work with; they took the time to get to know me and the details of my situation.

I was fortunate that the career search process went very quickly for me due to the quality of the work. R│L was very helpful in building my resume, framing my personal brand statement, and conducting the career search process.  As a result, I leveraged my own personal network and connections with executive recruiting firms that were in tune with the market segments I was targeting.  All of these elements positioned me well in my career search.

R│L provided great coaching all along the way – from my initial discussions with the recruiter, through the interview process and the offer negotiations.  Most importantly, my career coach was always accessible with an upbeat, positive attitude.

I would highly recommend the R│L firm to anyone looking to make a successful career transition."

DeWight Wallace

CEO, Johnstone Supply

"I highly recommend R│L. Having done extensive research on outplacements service organizations, I selected R│L.  My coach was highly professional, always available, and always looking for ways to help in my transition. We worked well together and quickly established strong communications. 
R│L helped me stay focused and on track, while holding me accountable to get the work done. The result was a rapid success in landing a new senior position. My coach, my friend, was also there to help me integrate successfully into my new position and I look forward to a long term relationship as I continue to develop my career."
Carl Alguire

President, Batina Sewing Supplies

"Summer of 2009 won’t be a time I’ll ever forget.  The worst economy in my adult life was affecting my friends – and then me.  I was worried about my family, our financial situation, and the real prospect of needing to take a job I’d dislike.  Fortunately, I met a senior coach at R│L and he invited me to consider Roberson Lowstuter for outplacement assistance.  Am I glad I did.

Robertson Lowstuter gave me the tools I needed to conduct a productive search.  R│L helped me create a resume that made an impact, they explained how to identify target companies, they held frequent client-only Roundtables  on important topics (e.g., LinkedIn, Executive Search firms), but most importantly, they taught me how to network.  I came to realize that the label I had applied to networking (that it’s for people that don’t have jobs) was completely wrong.  I began to foster and grow my network and the requisite skills simultaneously.

Five-and-a-half months after being laid off, in the worst economy I’ve experienced, I secured a position that fit almost all of my criterion, at a higher compensation level than my previous position.  I am, and will always remain, very grateful for R│L’s support."

Michael A. Mulligan
Director, Solutions Management
“When I partnered with R│L it was September 2009 and I had just received a separation package for my position as the CIO for a global manufacturing company and I needed to start the next  chapter of my career.   
I was impressed with their approach and depth of resources  available to me.   Though my career had been an IT executive in the corporate world, I also had an interest in starting my own eCommerce Consulting business.  I was very impressed with my career coach who worked with me to formulate a strategy to leverage networking and interviewing techniques for both my corporate IT job search and to investigate opportunities to start my own business.   

Within 5 weeks I  had two opportunities, one for a Vice President corporate position and the other to start a eCommerce consulting business with my first client being a $59 billion dollar retailer.  I decided to pursue my dream and I am currently the owner and President of a eCommerce IT consulting business with revenues of over $1 million my first year.  In my new business, I still leverage what I learned at R│L .“   
Brandon Garcia

Owner, Dynamic Systems Solutions

 “After spending my whole career in the field of HR, and coaching executives through transition, I was faced with the fact that my organization had been bought out and I was suddenly without a job. You would think that I would know right where to go and what to do. R│L was there every step of the way. They made me slow down and look at the dilemma as an opportunity for me to look at the next steps in my career. WHAT DID I REALLY WANT TO DO?
Everyone on their staff genuinely cared about my future and my making the right decision moving forward. Whether it was the fine tuning of my resume, attending senior executive networking groups or coaching me through my final acceptance of an offer package, they were a team there to help and assist me.  

Though this process has been a few years ago, they have stayed close, kept in contact, and remained a part of my professional networking family.”  
Ed Laginess
SVP Human Resources

“I was first introduced to Robertson Lowstuter in 1992 as a result of a separation agreement with my company at the time. I had been the senior Human Resources executive for the company and was dealing with my first job loss and all the emotion that goes with that kind of a change. I had the chance to work with one of R│L's seasoned executive coaches as my personal coach. He was able to shape my perspective on how to approach the entire process, which I thought that I knew from my days as an HR professional.
Everyone at R│L worked with me to get focused, broaden my horizon, and create a marketing plan and ultimately to present myself in the market. It was probably the most important self-analysis that I had ever been exposed to and not all of it was fun…necessary, but not fun. The skills that I developed during that period of time have enabled me to continue my career and ultimately prepare myself for the career that I have pursued in executive search. Frankly I owe a great deal of my success to R│L, as they kept me on track and encouraged me to learn the process before engaging in it.  
I have kept my relationship with the firm strong ever since. I find each of the professionals there to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful to me personally and professionally. Once you are alumni of R│L, the staff takes great pains to keep you an active alumnus. You can always come back for help or coaching and are occasionally asked to provide assistance to the staff and/or clients, which is always of mutual benefit. In short, R│L delivers what they promise. Their consulting expertise has grown even stronger over the years and the company has been reinvented to reflect the needs of present-day organizations.”
Jim Crawford
Senior Client Partner
Korn/Ferry International
Global Life Sciences Practice

“Transitions always present a unique set of challenges. My first experience with career transition put me in the position of trying to evaluate who could best help me with what I needed – senior counsel, self-assessment, marketplace readiness, and a ‘warm ear’- I found that and much more in the team at R│L.

The big players in this space have become too much of a ‘factory line’ type setup. Transitions are very personal, requiring ‘close in’ relationships and individualized counsel. The rapport I developed while in service with R│L helped me evaluate my strengths and entrepreneurial capabilities. While I landed my next gig as a VP of Communications and Marketing for a Fortune 500 Corporation, I maintained my connection to R│L and ultimately wound up choosing management consulting.

What’s ‘right for the time’ for me has been a reflection of focusing on that which is important to my family and me. My colleagues at R│L have always been attuned to that and have helped me stay grounded.”
Senior Management Consultant
Professional Services Sector

“My own career transition occurred during an economic downturn which resulted in a full 6 month process. The R│L team were instrumental in helping me map out a game plan, working the plan, and helping me remain on task through the ups and downs of the search. R│L is the type of firm executives need in difficult economic times. They will not do the work for you; however, they are there when needed to provide the proper advice and counsel and frank feedback when needed most during a search.

‘Successful before; successful again’ is more than just a saying at R│L.”
Daniel M. O’Hara
O'Hara Associates, Inc.

“I’ve known and worked with the Robertson Lowstuter team for many years. In fact, I met one of their key coaches almost twenty years ago. This is an outstanding group of people that have been a huge support to me through my career transitions.

One of the exciting things about business leadership today is the pace and amount of change we need to take our organizations through. One of those changes included relocating my job from Chicago to my company’s headquarters in Ohio. Before I could actually make the relocation, the company reorganized again and my role was eliminated. At this point, I selected the R│L team to help me make the next transition in my career.  

I chose R│L because they treat each client as if they were the most important person they are working with and they design transition programs unique to each person’s talents and aspirations. Further, their well-established relationships in healthcare, Chicago, and the executive search community have accelerated my search and greatly expanded my networking capability.”
Dwight Mater
Vice President Strategy & Bus. Development
Healthcare Industry

"I came to R│L after a corporate restructuring.  My severance agreement allowed me to receive outplacement counseling at a firm of my choice for a predetermined time and fee.  I interviewed 5 different firms, some of them twice before choosing R│L.  The determining factors in my decision were the personal attention that I felt that R│L would give and positive referrals from others.
I was not disappointed with the personal attention.  I benefited from a close relationship with my coach, the structured R│L approach including textbooks and exercises, and the supportive environment that the R│L office and other coaches provided.  Additional benefits included contact with the R│L alumni network and the support and counsel of other clients - several of whom I developed friendships with. 
Managing emotions and the highs and lows of the job search process was a challenge for me.  I received excellent support in this area to help me remain focused on my search.  I appreciated the assistance through each phase of the process - developing a campaign, generating interviews, evaluating offers, and negotiating the employment agreement.   I highly recommend R│L's transition services."
Bernie Klos
VP and CFO
Nostalgia Home Fashions, Inc. (Home Textile Industry)

“Two years before my company made a strategic decision to focus only on print, the President of my business unit asked me to lead the development of a new electronic directories business. Once the print decision was made, I knew it was only a matter of time before my position (SVP of New Business Directories) would be eliminated. I asked to schedule my departure and during that meeting asked for Executive Career Transition services with Robertson Lowstuter.

Throughout my transition I benefited from being paired with an incredible R│L coach.  No matter what Transition service I needed – resume writing, company research, preparing for a call or interview, etc., my coach was available for a meeting. This was, and is, an amazing relationship; there was no need to go it alone. She helped me strategically build a marketing consulting practice to diversify my industry experience and ultimately land at a technology company. She and the professionals at R│L were always available when needed.  

In addition to having my incredible coach, I benefited immeasurably from the networking expertise of the R│L team. As a marketing person, this is what distinguishes Robertson Lowstuter from all other firms. I never had an occasion where they did not have a networking contact for me when I needed it; in fact their networking was as equally proactive as it was reactive in meeting my needs.  

For anyone conducting a job search, there is little doubt that networking is the secret to success. Robertson Lowstuter staff is professional in all facets of networking and networking resources.”
Susan Snowden
Senior Director of Solutions Marketing
Information Technology Sector

“I was a young finance executive on the fast track with a mid-sized sporting goods company when suddenly I was fired. After passing on outplacement services in lieu of a modest (very modest I later learned) cash payment I floundered without direction for almost nine months with false start job opportunities that quickly ended and an attempt at starting my own consulting business.
I realized finally that I needed help and it was through a referral that I met R│L. I began working with R│L's team, who counseled me though the process of evaluating my career objectives, assembling my credentials and references, and launching a powerful job search. Within weeks I had built a powerful networking process that had reached out to more people than I had contacted in the previous nine months! I landed a terrific position as Director of Finance after only a few months. It was only then that I realized that I had truly ‘networked my way to the next job!’ 
While at my new job, I often sought advice from my friends at R│L on career matters which allowed me to progress though the organization, ultimately reaching the CFO position at one of the operating divisions. I remained at this firm for more than 7 years until the company was sold in late 2007. After the sale and the elimination of the Naperville, IL headquarters, I naturally ‘re-enlisted’ with Robertson Lowstuter. R│L worked with me again to build a powerful message and search campaign and I landed a challenging position as VP Finance at a public wireless company only a few months later.
I would not be where I am today without the assistance and continued support of the Robertson Lowstuter team.”
Jeff C. Baker
VP Finance
iPCS Wireless, Inc.
Robertson Lowstuter was instrumental in providing for a successful transition in my work life. Their straightforward and proven approach to gaining an understanding of what makes sense for you as an individual provides a solid framework for decision-making about what is the right next step in your career. Once this is clear, they then provide the support and expertise necessary to develop and execute a plan to make taking that step a reality. They have the ability and know-how to turn what can be a potentially negative situation into one of renewal and growth.”  
Dale F. Elliott
FCM Advisory Group

“After 14 years of increasing responsibilities and success at a large healthcare products company, I found myself facing an unexpected career search due to reorganization. In retrospect it was a blessing as it forced me to confront several key issues including ‘what components of my work life did I really enjoy, what types of people did I like interacting with during my work time, how much money did I need/want to make?’ etc. Now I had no choice; the decision to do something different had been made for me!

While initially painful and somewhat daunting, it actually turned into an enjoyable and enlightening process with the help of Robertson Lowstuter. My R│L coach helped me surface, confront, and discuss personal and professional goals and begin to prioritize them as the basis for an action plan for the next stage of my career. This became a springboard for me – ultimately making the leap to start my own business venture. That was 12 years ago and after several successful ventures in a row I’m now running the business development function of a private healthcare services company. With the help of R│L, my choices and design now have me playing a vital role in a thriving company, working with a great team, and helping to deliver good services for folks who need help.  

The benefits of the investment R│L made in me has paid great dividends – as today I enjoy a very fulfilling and healthy interconnectivity and balance with career and personal goals. I tip my hat to the fine work the R│L team does and thank them very much.”   
Andy Pitler
VP Business Development
Health Integrated, Inc.  

“All outplacement firms are not created equal. Working with R│L is like having a personal trainer vs. attending an aerobics class where you’re just one among the crowd. R│L’s savvy, personable, and well-connected professionals like those at R│L make the difference!”
Michael Tapia
Director, Leadership
RSM McGladrey

“The entire R│L Team contributed brilliant, high-level expertise that provided me a firm foundation to quickly change industries after a great 20-year career. Their Career Transition process was contemporary, concise, caring and comprehensive.

Once the right opportunity emerged, Team R│L worked tirelessly to provide critical strategies  that helped me to quickly and effectively solidify the parameters of a position that was being created around my skill set, as well as ideas for how best to negotiate aspects of the overall offer. In addition, engaging R│L’s Onboarding expertise during the first few weeks in my new role in a Fortune 500 Corporate setting helped me to navigate the new waters with ease. R│L was well worth the investment.”
Director of Media Relations
Fortune 500 Insurance Company

“Due to an unexpected corporate reorganization, my R&D engineering position was eliminated. Needing help during my transition, I signed up with a large career transition firm based on their promise of personal attention and access to an entrepreneurial coach. The meeting with the coach was a big disappointment. Our conversation was way too general and the specifics that I needed were lacking.
However, the biggest problem with that firm was in getting quality time and service. I was applying for a position and needed to revise my resume in a hurry, but my counselor meetings were repeatedly delayed. I was then assigned to a temporary counselor who corrected a few resume typos and sent me back to my original counselor because he was too busy to help.
Realizing they were not going to meet my needs, I approached Robertson Lowstuter and was able to meet the next day. Significant improvements were made to my resume within 24 hours. I was more ‘demanding’ than a typical client, but my R│L career transition counselor helped me all the way, including coaching me and reviewing my job application over the weekend. He also helped me in negotiating the offer from the new firm, resulting in an excellent compensation package.

The support staff was also first class. They were very quality-orientated and helped execute my campaign without a glitch. When it comes to professional help and real personal attention, Robertson Lowstuter is the firm to use.”
Vice President R&D
Healthcare Devices / Technology

“After working in an Operations executive role for over 20 years where I had steadily progressed upward, I found myself looking for a job for the first time. Despite being in the business for so long, I did not network effectively. I realized help was needed and started searching for career transition firms. After interviewing several, I realized that R│L was composed of the kind of people I would enjoy working with and would take time to guide me to my objectives.

After working closely with my coach, we identified my desire to work with a Private Equity firm and be involved in a small business. I have been working in my new responsibility for almost 11 months and am enjoying it very much. I am glad the folks at R│L took time to listen and help me through this process. They remain my friends.”
Anil R. Shah
VP Operations

“No matter what your motivation for seeking a new job, finding a partnership with a firm that has a solid process and offers sound advice during that process is critical. Additionally, finding the team you connect with and have confidence in is just as important. This is how I chose Robertson Lowstuter.  

Gearing up to find the ‘right’ job is about understanding the process. Other outplacement firms have processes. But R│L stands firmly on the approach for you considering the right industry, the right compensation, in the right job which is the fit you have been looking for.  I believe Clyde’s book is a must-read that not only outlines your approach to their process, but also is chock-full of good ideas for the beginner and the schooled job seeker.   

Networking is the ‘gospel’ at Robertson Lowstuter. Where most of us recognize we were never the expert at networking and that many out there are better. The R│L coaches take you through the fundamentals of networking and share ways to accelerate your search campaign. When outlining presentations for interviews to CEO’s, other R│L team members are excellent sounding boards to coach you in content and style. Quickly you learn that the process becomes your guidebook, but the “coaches” support you in motivation, interview content, strategy, and even job negotiations.  

They are a very good team and I would highly recommend Robertson Lowstuter to support your job search strategies.”
Scott Hippensteel
Vice President Marketing
Healthcare; Medical Device/Disposables Sector

“The further one goes in their career, the more one needs the relationship offered by R│L: a unique and beneficial relationship. Whether I was transitioning from a corporate assignment or personally evaluating the acquisition of a business, the R│L team brought insight, challenge and information to my decision process. The knowledge, experience and professionalism of the R│L staff combined with the strength and commitment of their network makes my relationship with them very unique and extremely beneficial. I only wish I would have connected with them 10 years ago.”
TechForce, Inc.
IT Industry

“After almost 20 years with my company, a corporate reorganization left me without employment and a good network. I was very fortunate to be assigned to R│L during the transition process.

I can honestly say that I would never have made it through those tough few months without my coach's positive influence. ‘Losing a job’ can be a traumatic and emotionally draining process. She was always positive, with specific reasons for being positive, and she offered examples of persons and processes that showed success in the search. In addition to the tremendous support from her, the entire staff of Robertson Lowstuter was very easy to work with and flexible given my unique search requirements.

With companies constantly changing their direction, I now see R│L as a long-term relationship more than a short-term career transition step.”  
Vice President
Healthcare Project Management

“Upon returning from a two-year management assignment in Europe I received word my position had been eliminated. Executive transition support led me to Robertson Lowstuter where I met wonderfully talented executive and career transition coaches. One coach assisted me with an extensive executive career transition assessment and helped me to realize my greatest interests and passions resided in management consultation and support. My initial sense was that this strategy would not be viable for long-term employment, but I decided to give his suggestions merit while continuing a classical job search.   

As it turns out, the loss of my job had a doubling effect on our family as my wife had previously given up her job to allow me the ability to support the management assignment in Europe. The R│L team realized our difficulties and provided job placement support to my wife without reservation. Another R│L coach graciously provided coaching and mentoring services to my wife while working closely with R│L to ensure a workable collective solution. All of this support, guidance, and coaching was well beyond the call of duty for the R│L team, and we greatly appreciated their care and interest in providing for our needs during difficult times!  

Through R│L's collective support my wife and I realized we were capable of creating a new consulting business, with my wife providing key roles in the business administration and financial management areas. Their careful guidance and support gave us the courage to incorporate our business and develop a client base able to meet our business plan.

We are now into our fourth year of our consulting business. We measure success not only from a business perspective, but in our ability to take time out to nourish our relationship and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We would have never given ourselves an opportunity to build our own business without R│L’s mentorship and support. The R│L team allowed us an ability to open a new door to a work-life balance that continues to pay dividends each and every day.

Our thanks go out to everyone at Robertson Lowstuter, and we wish them continued future success!”
President and Senior Consultant
Ascendant Consulting Service, Inc.