Core Beliefs

Achieving Potential
Everyone  intends  to  do  well  and is uniquely creative, resourceful, and talented.

100% of executives can improve their personal and team’s performance through sound development and coaching, provided they are committed to enhancing their leadership capabilities.  Becoming an effective leader or high performance team is more a conscious choice rather than natural ability.  Talent is what you have; effort and commitment are what you create and sustain.

Authenticity is the single most important determinant for individual and leadership success.

Leaders are authentic when they 1) have consistent alignment of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; 2) take complete responsibility for the unintended impact their behavior and words have on others; 3) have the confidence and boldness to ‘walk the talk’ and d) live their lives serving the greater organizational good.  

At R│L, we focus on being authentic.  We provide open, honest, straight- forward  communication and feedback with each other and our clients. You can count on us to have your best interests at heart, in good times and in challenging ones.  

Robertson Lowstuter is deeply committed to the success of our individual executive clients and corporate clients.

We don’t take short cuts. We are accessible 24/7 and will do what it takes to meet your objectives and achieve a solid ROI. We will talk or meet with our clients anytime, anywhere they need us.  

We strive for performance excellence and challenge everyone to be fully accountable for their behavior and the quality of their outcomes.

To help clients “Create Uncommon Results!”®, we consistently ask, “What does this client truly need and want from R│L to be successful and delighted?”  Correctly anticipating our clients' needs and routinely delivering value-added services are the keys to our success.